Thursday 14 April 2022

My haul 3

 It wouldn't be a bargain if I didn't use it!  I always determine to use every usable scrap.  I've very occasionally has the odd item which was beyond being used but that is rare and certainly everything this time was great.

So. here's what happened to it all.  

The riskiest item was the mushrooms so although I was tired when I got in from Lidl I chopped and froze those immediately.  Frozen mushrooms are fine if you chop and open freeze them so you can get just a few from the bag.

The leeks I gave away.  I have leeks in my garden and a  nagging gardener called Jack.  'Nuff said.  

I also gave away the satsumas.  I have loads of satsumas at the moment.  

The Brussels sprouts have been prepped, blanched and frozen.  To be honest I like them better fresh but they are OK frozen and no way will I waste them.  

The peppers were superb and are in the fridge to use during the week.

The pak choi was stir fried with some of the mushrooms and peppers and a few other things for my lunch today.

The potatoes are now in my light-proof potato bag in the root veg box.  They will be used over the next few days.

The aubergine will keep a few days and will be used with tomatoes, onions and feta cheese as an aubergine bake on Saturday.

The apples went into the fruit bowl

And the grapes have disappeared.  Can't imagine where!


  1. Giving food away is certainly not wasteful at all. I hate it when I keep cheap food and do not use it! I wonder where the grapes went?

  2. Well done on getting the best out of the haul.

  3. The mushroom stir fry sounds delicious. My daughter requested stroganoff so she's getting it with plenty of them.

  4. Excellent use of what you got! I did get a little rose plant for 1€ from the Anti-Gaspillage trolley in Lidl a couple of weeks back. It just needed a good drink of water and now it's looking quite healthy. I must plant it out soon!

  5. I need to dice up some peppers in my fridge very soon. They are getting a bit soft and need to be stored away for future use.

    You did excellent on using what you had and preparing it for freezing. Giving things away is a great way of using items up.

    God bless.

  6. You have an amazing amount of food in your box and I admire how you don't waste a thing. BTW I love Martin Lewis too. That man talks a whole lot of sense.
    Happy Easter to you x

  7. That's such good value. I've often looked at the veg boxes in our local Lidl but the food in there looks fit for the bin. I know they're not going to put fruit and veg in the box which has just come into the store that day but it should actually be useable. It looks like you've got a better Lidl than we have.