Sunday 4 October 2015

You and your money

People who read blogs with the word "frugally" in the title will, I assume, have an interest in how to make the money last longer than the month.  We have our ways of making clothes last longer, economising on energy, cooking economically and the rest.  Undergirding all that though there has to be some sort of a budget.

Next week the Open University is offering a MOOC (Massive Open On-line Course) called You and Your Money.  It lasts for four weeks.   I've done it before but I'm doing it again because I think I have more to learn.

Quite apart from showing how to create a household budget it explores the financial services industry, explains the basics of debt and interest, compares forms of lending and generally demystifies money.

Of all the MOOCs I have done, this is the one which has had the most impact on me.  It is taught in a fun way with videos, quizzes and practical tasks as well as reading and on-line discussion


  1. That sounds really interesting. I think we all have something to learn about handling/managing money.

  2. Oh dear I tried to access this and they told me it wasn't available in New Zealand. Do you know if the Open University is only available in UK?

    1. I'm really sorry about that, Margaret. I had assumed that the course would be available everywhere. There have been particpants from NZ on other courses from the OU, eg the one on Nutrition. It may be that someone has decided that a course on finance would be only of interest to people in that currency area. I really don't know.