Friday 30 December 2016

Comping reviewed

This has been the year that I have started to "comp" (enter competitions) systematically and it is proving to be great fun.  

My wins this year have included
My latest win!
Fridge storage boxes, 
A one hour life coaching session 
Tickets to a West End show,
Tickets to a country show, 
A pair of "designer" trainers, 
Four different selections of books
Selection of Milton hygiene products
A mobile phone
Tickets to a clothes show
A huge selection of gel nail products
A dinosaur toy

Some of these have been used, some given away and a few sold on eBay.

I seem to be particularly successful in winning books.  I suspect that these competitions have less entries than others.  

I spend about an hour every day entering competitions, usually first thing in the morning when I am barely conscious and not really up to doing much else!  It is not sure-fire way of acquiring something I want nor is it a quick way of making money but it is still fun waiting to see what the postie will bring.


  1. Wow, wow and wow again. Winning is fun even if the prize isn't much. Well done.

  2. How clever! I have tried a couple of times to enter a competition but with no success. I think you have to keep at it.

    1. Definitely! I think you would be amazed (and probably appalled) if you knew just how many competitions I enter! I only do the ones which cost me nothing to enter - I don't have to buy anything or post anything - so it just costs time but it costs a lot of time.

  3. Well done you! Perhaps I'll have a go at a few this coming year; I have been lucky in the past. Happy New Year.

  4. That is certainly a way to add a little spice to life and what an impressive list! How fun!

  5. Well done, comping use to be my hobby but what with moving around so much the last few years I haven't done so much, but this year I am going to make more time for it, I really love it. x

  6. I don't think we have this in the US. I am reading lots of your back posts.

    1. Definitely my back posts! Hope you are enjoying them!

      Several American readers have commented that you don't have these little competitions in the US. The ones I enter are associated with magazines. From the promoters point of view it's a way of getting people to engage with the advertising.