Monday 7 March 2016

Incorrigible hoarder!

I have a lovely electric jam pan which I bought when I could no longer stand for long enough to stir the jams and chutneys which I love to make.  I am an enthusiast so in 2014 I made enough preserves to feed a small army and put out an appeal among my friends and family for jam jars.

2015 saw me eating my way through my stores and I didn't need to make any more but the jam jars kept coming.  And coming.  And coming.  And coming.

I shall be getting the jam pan out again this year and was confident that I would have enough jars.  Enough?  I sorted fifty to give away to a friend who makes jam to sell for charity and I still have plenty for my own use. 

So that's fifty jars, thirty doggie items, seventeen books and three miscellaneous items - my first hundred items GONE!

And there's plenty left where that came from.

Wednesday 2 March 2016

Sad sorting

I used to have a lovely cocker spaniel called Fido.  I had never met a dog called Fido and I found that a lot of other people hadn't either until they met my little dog.

Sadly I had to have him euthanised a while ago.  I sent most of his stuff like his baskets and bowls to the local dog rescue but I had never got around to sorting the rest of his bits and pieces.  Anyway I've done it now and much of this lot will also be going to dog rescue.

4 packs wormer

3 grooming tools
1 extending lead
1 tugging toy
1 de-odouriser
2 blankets
1 string plastic sausages
1 squeaky bone
2 packs dog food
1 bag poo bags
2 packs wormer
1 pack joint care sticks
1 muzzle
2 hide “bones”
2 hide chews
1 detangling spray
1 pack ear drops
3 packs flea treatment

If/When I get a another dog we'll start afresh with toys etc.  In the meantime some other dog and its human may as well have the use.