Saturday 12 September 2020

Doing some sums

 I have quite a lot of leisure time at the moment so I decided to try a mini experiment.

I bought a one kilo pack of chicken thighs from Sainsbury.  I think thighs are really good value.  Actually, without the tray they weighed 1150 grammes so I was ahead by 150 grammes before I started!

I then boned them and resulting the flesh and skin weighed 1040 grammes.

Then I removed the skin and fat and weighed the meat.  850 grammes.  They had cost me £1.95.  That means that skinless, boneless chicken fillets had cost me £2.30 per kilo.

I checked the Sainsbury site.  They sell chicken thigh fillets at £5.31 per kilo.  More than double!

And I got a small pan of stock as well.  

Tuesday 1 September 2020


On the face of it, it seems crazy to call this month's review of my finances, "Rejoicing".  Once again I have spent far more than my income.  Once again something broke down and had to be replaced - this time my iPhone.  Once again I have overspent on food.  I brought forward my planned car service from December to August because if I have to sit and wait for my car to be ready I'd rather sit outside in August. Once again I have far less money at the end of the month than I had at the beginning.

But the point is that although most of those things could be called "unplanned expenditure" the truth is that it is all expenditure which I have planned for - what a wonderful example of gobbledygook!  The point is that I didn't plan for my mobile phone to break down any more than I planned for the laptop to die in June or the fridge to develop a terminal illness in July but, sure as eggs is eggs, things will break down and Murphy's Law says that they will do so at the most inconvenient time.  I know that my car will have to be serviced, so each month a little is set aside for the purpose - in fact I had set aside enough in eight months because there was no extra work to be done but I had saved extra in case of extra work.  I could even take the opportunity to buy extra meat when that opportunity arose. 

So I can rejoice.  Money is not just to be saved but to be used wisely.  In months when I have had less demands on my purse I've set some aside so now I can rejoice.

But I can still hope that September doesn't hold too many nasty surprises!