Thursday 16 September 2021

Value for money!

 I had to do some small jobs in Brigg yesterday so I nipped into Lidl and got a "Waste Not" vegetable box for £1.50.  Our local store has now changed where they display them (for some unknown reason they used to be after the check-outs!) and they make them available at more times of the day so I'm finding it easier to buy them.

And what fantastic value they are!  Look at this box!  There's celery, two bunches spring onions, cherry tomatoes, big tomatoes, carrots, plums, potatoes, onion, Padron peppers, sweet peppers and corn.  There were also five bananas and I can't imagine where they went,  

What surprises me is how few people bother to look at the boxes, despite the store making it easier.  I was in the store for about twenty minutes and my box was the first thing I chose and the other two boxes which were there when I went in were still available when I left.  True, this isn't the freshest or prettiest produce but there is nothing in that box which is unusable and there is plenty to enrich my diet.