Wednesday 11 August 2021

Getting my house in order

 One of my main jobs over these last months has been to get my house in order - literally.  I've always been able to dash and stash when guests are expected but I wanted to move on from that, even (dare I say it) behave like a reasonable adult.  So long as just the kitchen, sitting room and bathroom needed to be OK I could just about manage but if guests were expected for a meal I needed at least two weeks notice.  Quite frankly, the dining room was a horror story.

Diming room cupboard after

But the great thing about the pandemic has been that I have an unprecedented amount of time on my own.  Back in February I challenged myself to get rid of 406 items before the end of the month.  I failed in February.  However, since 8th March I have got rid of 775 items.  I find counting and recording very motivating - yes I know it's weird but it works for me!  Some items have been large like a freezer, a felting machine.  Others have been more modest like spare haberdashery or vases.  The vast majority has been passed on to charity shops or similar but some has had to go to the recycling centre or as a last resort, to landfill. 

Wednesday 4 August 2021

If all else fails. . .

 . . read the instructions!  How many times have I heard (and said) that?

I don't know about you but I usually read the instructions when I buy a new appliance and then they get filed away.  Often I also go to the manufacturer's website and download the manual on to my laptop so that when I need them next time I can find them without too much struggle.  But the only time I look for them is when all else has failed!  I forget that there may be things in the manual which will help me use the appliance better.

On a whim (we are sixteen months into very restricted activities!)  I decided to check the washing machine manual.  I bought the machine in 2013 so it's a while since I've checked.   I have my favourite programmes which I use most weeks.   I know how to clean it.  It is working safely and the clothes get clean.  Why bother with the manual?  

However, I want to reduce my electricity consumption so I wondered if the manual would help.  And it did!  There, right in front of me, on the control panel, was a button which I'd never really noticed - never mind pressed.  It's a "Time Save" button.  Press it once for "daily soiled" items and twice for an extra quick programme for items with almost no soil.  I wear aprons a lot of the time so my clothes don't get too bad and a light wash is all they need.  Over the next few weeks I shall be experimenting.  

(Sorry it is so long since I was here.  Must do better,  Thank you for visiting,)