Sunday 2 August 2020

Looking back

Oh dear.  July was not a good month financially.  And it followed a not very good June when I had to buy a new laptop.

I had decided that in July I would treat myself.  I had quite a lot of Amazon vouchers which I had received for various survey payments and I had long wanted a new camera.  I bought one but had to dip into my reserves for £80 to get the one I want.  That would have been manageable.

Then my lovely landlord had a wonderful new fence built to the side of my home.  I'd offered a financial contribution but my offer was declined!  The fence didn't cost me anything but I took advantage of the collection he had arranged for the old fence and had quite a bit of rubbish  removed.  £50 down.   

Then someone pointed out that life seemed to have lost its oomph for one of my tyres, so that was £65 unexpected expenditure.  Things were looking dodgier.

The very next day I realised that the fridge had died.  My finances for July were in terminal decline.  I have finished the month £35 down on how I started it.  And August may also be "interesting" as I have booked my car in for a service before the winter. 

I also way overspent on groceries.  I bought a case of loo rolls (£40) from "Who gives a crap?" but they will last about eighteen months.  This company gives half its profits to sanitation projects in developing countries.  The loo rolls are good too so that's quite a few happy bums from one purchase.  (Incidentally the loo rolls are made from recycled paper and bamboo fibre so they're kind to the environment.) My usual "personal shopper" (a cousin) wasn't available so I had to have weekly deliveries from Sainsbury's with a minimum £40 spend.  I have a feeling that may be the case during the winter as well.

I've also needed more paid help.  At the moment I am employing Annie-the-home-enhancer (cleaner) again and will do so through August but when September comes and her children are back in school that will change.  

And yet I don't feel despondent.  I had set money aside for unexpected expenses and unforeseen emergencies.  It was there ready.  Maybe if I could have known how the month would pan out I wouldn't have bought the camera but to be honest, I don't regret it.  Everything else was necessary and I did my best.  

As I have hinted above, August too will have its problems but I will survive!