Wednesday 21 April 2021

Another frugal hobby

 Readers of my main blog, Trundling through life, will know that I sometimes struggle with pain and have to spend quite a long time sitting down.  I don't like being idle, though, and I knit, crochet, sew and, of course, I blog!  Last time I posted on this blog I wrote about entering competitions which is a frugal hobby, but I have another computer based hobby: doing surveys.  

The survey companies vary country by country. They also vary greatly with how many surveys they send and how much they pay.   Don't expect to have a vast second income, but I now earn about £60 per month.  I used to earn rather more but these days I've reduced the number of sites I use.  When I passed 65 I worried that I wouldn't be asked any more but that hasn't proved true.  I could do just as many as before but I've pulled out of some sites.

So, some of my favourites.

Prolific Academic.  The surveys on this site are for academic research and they can be really interesting.  They also pay well (by survey site standards!) and once I enter a survey I am never screened out.  They pay instantly via PayPal once £5 has been earned.

Lifepoints.  I get lots of invitations and am able to complete about half.  However, If I start on a survey and then get screened out they pay 2 points for trying.  550 points buys a £5 Amazon voucher so 2 points isn't much but I feel they make the effort to screen surveys properly before they send them to me.

I-say.  This is another site which screens well and if they send a survey which isn't suitable they give me 5 pence.  a £5 Amazon gift card here is 490 points.  They also have a game called Poll Predictor which has a prize draw attached.  I haven't won anything (and don't really expect to!) but it's fun to play.

Pinecone.  I don't get many from them but when I do they pay £3 each.  Sometimes, too, they send a product to be tested.  I've several had, boxes of chocolates, face cream butter and shampoo.  My most recent test was on a facial foundation cream.  

Onepoll.  These are really odd surveys!  They don't issue invitations but whenever I log on to their site there are two or three surveys waiting.  They pay 10p to 20p per survey so you have to do a lot before you get a £25 payout via PayPal.

If your life is very busy you are highly unlikely to want to do surveys.  I, however, have to sit quite a lot of the time and there's only so much knitting that a girl wants to do!