Sunday 17 October 2021

If all else fails: part 2

 Back in August I wrote a post about the time saver button on my washing machine.   It's an AEG 1400 spin 7kg machine which I bought in December 2013 and it has been brilliant.  There are probably even more economical models now but at the time it was AAA rated.  I've now been using the time saver button for a couple of months so thought I would report in.

First of all my clothes are still as clean as ever.  However, very few things get really dirty in this house and I use a pre-soak powder if they do.  I've only done the figures for a cotton wash with a 1400 spin.  I have not checked the energy consumption, just the time.  I can press the button either once or twice and usually do so twice for maximum saving

Temp                  Time          1 save                 2 save

95                        2.52          2.28           1.42

60                        2.39          2.15           1.15

40                        2.38          2.15           1.15

30                        2.19          2.00           0.57

20                        1.54          1.40           0.54        

Temperatures are in degrees Celsius and times are hours and minutes.

Another useful feature of this machine is the half load wash in twenty minutes at 30 degrees.  However, if I use this I usually do a fast spin afterwards.