Wednesday 12 February 2020

This and that

Midway through the month I've been thinking about this and that.

February is a good month financially because I don't have any council tax to pay.  I pay it over ten months which gives me a bit of slack in February and March.  However, I'm taking a short holiday later this month so that saving is earmarked for other purposes! 

My improved food shopping habits seem to be continuing as I've spent only £27 so far this month.  However, I'm planning on going to Newark tomorrow and I shall visit Waitrose.  (Overseas readers may not know that Waitrose is one of our more expensive supermarkets.)  I go there only twice a year and I shall renew a few kitchen items and buy a few treats.  I've got quite a generous money off voucher which will help. 

One lovely Christmas present I received was a voucher for one of my favourite eateries so my meal out last week was covered.  My social life revolves around coffees or lunch out so the gift was very welcome.  I've started work on this year's Christmas presents.  That doesn't affect the budget (I'm using stuff from stash) but it's good to know that I'll need to spend less come November/December. 

I've been having a few problems (actually more than a few!) with BT so I made a complaint.  The £50 "apology" won't affect my payment until next month but every little helps!

I think I may be able to start squirreling a little money away again this month.  Here's hoping!

Sunday 2 February 2020

Looking back

My financial resolution for 2020 was to save £350 per month, down a little from my target of £400 each month in 2019 because my earnings are likely to be down too.  £350 is going to take quite a lot of ingenuity!

So let's start off by saying that I managed only £6.22!  Dreadful!  However, I had to spend £429.99 on a new freezer and before that I had paid £145 for a short holiday in February so I don't think I did too badly.  I used the credit card to buy the freezer but have already paid it off.   Money is saved with the intention of paying for such major items, not just to say I have £XXX in the bank.  

I failed too on the grocery budget, spending nearly £60.  However, that's still a very reasonable figure.  I tried a couple of new recipes 

I think my weirdest item for January was a computer mouse which cost me £4.88.  I'm really pleased with it, I wrote a favourable review on Amazon and was sent a voucher for £5!  12p profit and a really good mouse!