Wednesday 5 October 2022

How? (part one)

 How have I cut my food bill?  

To be honest, although I have my grocery books (listing everything I buy) going back over five years, I am surprised at how much I have managed to reduce my expenditure.  I could afford to spend more on food but there are other things I want to do which will cost money!

There are some economies I can identify.

1.  I have reduced my meat and fish consumption.  I haven't gone vegetarian (I like fish and meat A LOT!) but I have changed the things I buy.  For example one of my oily fish portions was usually a salmon steak or smoked mackerel: now it's more likely to be a tin of sardines.  I've also reduced my portion sizes.

2.  I keep a very careful eye on my stores.  The fridge is checked daily to see what ought to be eaten  that day.  I have inventories of the contents of my freezer and tin stores.  

3. I shop only once a week with few top ups.  I find it hard to go to a supermarket and come out with just the loaf of bread or pint of milk I went it for.  Somehow other "essentials" would find their way into my basket so I just don't go in.  

(I'll be listing more cuts in my next post)

Tuesday 4 October 2022

The time has come

Frugally Challenged said.  And what I have said is the time has come to have a low spend month for food. 

 I've had a Sainsbury delivery (to use up some vouchers) which has cost me £24.61 and I shall allow myself another £50 to last the month.  I've got a fairly well stocked freezer and tins cupboard as well as quite a bit of fresh veg, so with a little ingenuity I should eat well.  I don't want to let anything get too low as the gaps on supermarket shelves are a little worrying so I've allowed more than I usually do for low spend.

I've actually been doing quite well on curbing food spending.  Last year my daily average food spend was £6.22 and so far this year it has been £4.32 which isn't bad in a time of rapidly rising prices.  Things were a little out  of hand last year, I must admit!  However, I have started to go out for the odd meal so the daily average there has gone up from 7p in 2021 to 37p in 2022.  Hardly a fortune even then and it will be going up considerably by the end of this month as I have a couple of catch-up lunches with friends. 

I have a major (secret!) project in mind which is going to need quite a few pennies.  Just cutting the food bill won't pay for it, but it will help!