Monday 2 April 2018

Lazy day - Day 14

I am feeling rather lazy today but I was determined to do a little bit of decluttering.  I managed to find fourteen books to go to the Oxfam bookshop.
No, I'm not sending my watch!

Oxfam book shops  are very well organised and I can gift aid stuff very easily just by giving them my Oxfam Gift Aid Registration Number.  Every few months they send me a letter telling me how much my stuff has been sold for and how much income tax they have been able to recover.

I prefer to give my clothes to the Sally Ann as they will give items to those who are in desperate need.  Also their shop is a bit of a social centre for people who have few places to go.  I feel that Oxfam asks a lot for clothes and thus excludes those who are in need.  

So I've now done Day 14 and Day 30 according to my "interesting" rules.

Sunday 1 April 2018

Starting at the end

One of my first targets was the wool drawer.  I receive from various people odds and ends of wool ready for knitting for charity but  it had got a bit out of hand!  I heard about a group of ladies who also knit blankets for aid charities so I decided to pass on some of my goodies.  

Here's the first part.  Some balls were quite small but I had finished sorting everything I weighed them all.  Just over 1.8 kilos.  That would be 36 fifty gram balls so I'm going to call this thirty items.  Day 30 using my own crazy rules.  I got this lot ready yesterday to deliver via church today.

Not a bad start.  And there's still plenty left for me to knit.