Friday 4 November 2016

Hooray for Ziffit!

(Very) long time readers of this blog may remember that I have been trying to declutter.  I am not very good at decluttering.  However, I press on and slowly, slowly, bit by bit, stuff is leaving the premises.

Some is given away.  The Salvation Army, the Brownies and various friends have been recipients.

Some is ditched.  I try hard to recycle and I visit the local recycling centre to make sure as little as possible goes to landfill but sadly some things can have no other destination.

But some things can be sold.  Until recently my selling activity had been restricted to eBay.  I like eBay.  I use it for buying as well as selling but have to admit that buying is easier than selling as everything has to be photographed and described and then quite a lot doesn't get sold anyway which is frustrating.  

I have quite a lot of books to dispose of so this week I had my first trade with Ziffit.  All I had to do was to enter the barcode from the back of the book and Ziffit told me how much they would pay.  The prices were not wonderful but for an assured sale and very little effort I'm quite happy.  There is a minimum trade of ten books or £5 value.  

When I had completed my trade I did an internet search for a promo code.  I managed to get a 15% bonus!

The books then needed to be packed into a stout box, a label printed from the site and the books need to be taken to a Collect+ collection point.  These seem (mostly) to be convenience stores and they are listed on the Ziffit site.  I got a receipt for my package.

About a week later I was paid via Paypal but they will pay by BACS or a cheque.  I'm not only better off by £29.67 but I've got slightly less clutter in my home.  Can't be bad!