Saturday 14 December 2019


One of my most important possessions is my trundle truck.  Or as other people might call it, my mobility scooter.  I can walk short distances - on a good day I can manage about a hundred yards but sometimes I can't leave the house - so having any sort of life depends on my trundle truck.

Last Saturday I was out and I realised that the TT wasn't quite right and eventually it ground to a halt.  A kind person drove me home so I could fetch my (adapted) car and then she helped me get the TT into the car.  On Monday I took it to the repairer.  The quote was £600.

£600 in December!  A few years ago that would have defeated me.  However, these days I am VERY careful with money.  I hadn't counted on there being much surplus cash in December but I am so pleased that I have saved  hard throughout the year and especially in November.  I was able to say to the repair shop, "Go ahead".  They lent me a scooter for this week.

I could have done much happier things with that £600.  But there is nothing which I could have done with it which would have made so much difference to my life.  

Sunday 1 December 2019

Reviewing November

It's been a pretty good month as far as income is concerned.  Overdue fees have been paid to me and  I had my winter heating allowance.

I've had a few big things to pay for though.  A radiator sprang a leak and ruined a carpet and although the insurers will sort it I had £100 excess to pay.  My car insurance was also payable.  Christmas presents had to be bought.  On the plus side the lower phone and broadband bill came for the first time and I didn't have much paid help.  And of course deciding not to spend on food saved a lot!

The best thing is that I managed to squirrel £455 and I'm carrying a  much larger than usual current account balance.  I want to keep extra in my current account until I have finished Christmas preparations.  My average monthly save has been £336 so far.  

Not bad.