Saturday 2 May 2020

Auditing April

Each month I write a detailed account of myself, my finances, my activities, my hopes and my dreams so that I can see better how life is unfolding.  That account is for my own eyes only but sometimes I also blog about the highlights. 

April has been like no other month ever!  And one of the most fascinating things about it is the opportunity it has given me to see my finances in a new light.

The first thing to say is that my income is down.  My pensions are constant (indeed my annual rises took effect this month) but my earnings have almost dried up.  Churches are closed and wrinklies like me have been told not to take any funerals even in crematoria.  However, my income from completing surveys has been quite good.  I've been doing surveys for quite a long time and I have had quite a lot to complete concerning corona virus and isolation.

When it comes to expenditure there are lots of ups and downs.  I've been spending far more on food than I was doing in recent months but less than I was spending on food a year ago, which tells me that my normal spending (ie recent spending) has been much more controlled.  I've had to rely on other people to fetch stuff for me so I am reliant on where they choose to shop.  I've got a full fridge and freezer and my store cupboard looks pretty healthy too.  There are gaps (flour!) but over all it looks good.  I've done lots of cooking.  

I've spent nothing on petrol and nothing on eating out so together those two categories have more than compensated for the increased food spending and the decreased earnings combined!  I'm now doing all my own housework but I decided to pay my cleaner half wages even though she's not coming at present.  

I've managed to save a little so all in all I am a happy bunny!

Friday 1 May 2020

Every little helps

One of my hobbies is comping, aka entering competitions.  I enter a lot.  A Very Lot.  So I occasionally have a few wins.  

This was my most recent win.

In case you can't see I'll tell you it is roast red and yellow peppers, truffle flavoured oil, roast red peppers, olive oil, polenta, jack fruit, cherries and risotto. Of those only olive oil is in regular use in my kitchen in that form so I shall be doing a bit of experimenting.  That should add a little interest to my days!