Monday 3 May 2021

Moocing again

 It's a long time since I wrote about MOOCs so maybe I'd better say what MOOCs are.  Massive Open Online Courses.  

Moocs are another frugal hobby.  Just log on to Futurelearn  or Coursera and you'll find free on line courses on hundreds of subjects.  I've done courses on everything from the anatomy of the abdomen to money management.  And not a penny has left my purse in the pursuit of learning.

This week I have started a course "From waste to value: how to tackle food waste".  It looks at food loss and food waste (and explains the difference between the two) and gives information to help ordinary consumers like you and me to reduce our food waste.  I've been encouraged to set up a food waste diary and an action plan.  Over the next three weeks I shall be keeping an even closer than usual eye on the food which I buy and use.  

It's also giving me information on food waste throughout the supply chain and how the food industry is trying to find new ways to use it's own waste products.  So far that has been the biggest eye opener for me.   I've been a tad judgemental (sometimes with justification) but for me this is new information.