Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The benefits of the stash

I’m so glad I have a freezer stash – even if I do wish it wasn't quite so big!

I’ve got a cold this week.  I don’t often get them but when I do I am a total wash-out.  I don’t like anyone and no-one would like me.  But I still need to eat.  

That’s where the freezer stash comes into its own.  Good home cooked food, prepared in advance and just needing to be dinged n the microwave.  Yesterday I found a single portion of chicken casserole and a single portion of mashed potato.  Brilliant.

And there is enough in the budget for a bottle of Ribena.  Normally I’m a black-coffee-no-sugar sort of girl but when I’ve got a cold only Ribena will do.


  1. Oh no, everyone seems to have a cold at the moment. Those 'ready' meals are very handy aren't they? Get well soon.

  2. Get well soon. My cold has finally gone, but I was glad to have things in the freezer when I felt really rough.

  3. Totally agree with the freezer stash - I have got a chicken out of there for today, and there will be frozen veg for accompaniments, and some potatoes from the store in the shed. I don't feel great today and it is good to know that when I get home, all I have to do is pop the chicken in the oven. Good to hear from you xx