Saturday, 20 September 2014

Another lesson learnt

Yesterday my great friend Clare came and with her help I cleared a whole cupboard and she washed the shelves.  It was the cupboard where I keep my homemade jams and pickles so I wanted to make sure that the last of last year’s stuff came to the front.  It was very interesting. 

Last year for the first time I had a go at bottling apple sauce in reused jars (not Kilner jars).  I was a bit sceptical but decided that as there were more apples than could be used I wouldn’t really be wasting anything other than my time and a bit of gas for cooking.  Three jars were still at the back of the cupboard (naughty me) and two were still in perfect condition.  I shall do bottled apples again.  Success.

However, the other thing which was left in quantity was apple butter.  I had a go at making it in my slow cooker last year – again on the grounds that the apples would otherwise have gone to waste.  It was a disaster.  I wrecked my slow cooker which ended up in the bin.  I didn’t like the apple butter which I made.  And the worst thing of all?  I was stupid enough to store food which I really didn’t like. 

So the apple butter, like the eggs, has taught me a lesson.  There is no point in keeping food which you have very little prospect of eating.

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  1. I have never tried Apple Butter, I looked up several recipes and thought that it was a lot of faffing. I did make lots of apple purée and Fran took most of it to London. Next year I will be up to my armpits with it. I hope,