Thursday, 4 September 2014

Back to the straight and narrow

After yesterday’s little burst of expenditure today I have returned to the straight and narrow!  I decided that I have had enough of the soup for now so it’s found its way to the freezer.  I’ve fished out a portion of beef and ale for my evening meal and that will go down very nicely with a jacket potato.  I always put loads of vegetables in the casseroles that I freeze so that will be a meal in itself.

I had a different take on leftovers today and I had some of the dripping from Sunday’s roast on toast for lunch.  I love toast and dripping and always save some of the juices!

I’ve been looking at my store cupboard for things which tend to hang around for too long.  I want to try making some flapjacks because I have quite a bit of oats.  I don’t often eat porridge for breakfast so oats linger for rather longer than I would like so I may try flapjack in the next few days. 

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