Saturday, 13 September 2014


Yesterday I had the sort of day when I just couldn’t stop eating.  It’s ages since I had a day like that.  As nutritional choices my food was rubbish but as far as not spending, it was brilliant.  However, I ate from my stores and didn’t find it necessary to go out and buy something.  

It started with the remaining corn on the cob, progressed to Dauphinoise potatoes from the freezer, veered off in to a huge baked spud with salt and butter before settling down to a plate of sausages and beef burgers.  En route I managed to down a couple of instant soups and some biscuits.

On a slightly better front I was given nearly two kilos of damsons which will become damson and apple chutney.  I cooked them in a little balsamic vinegar yesterday and will fiddle the stones out today and then I’ll finish making the chutney.  I’ve got loads of sugar in the cupboard – no surprises there.

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