Tuesday, 23 September 2014

An Adventure in Freezerland

I label everything which goes into the freezer but there is a goblin in there who delights mucking up the system.  Sometimes he blames it on my pen, saying that I must have used a pen with runny ink.  Sometimes he isn’t that subtle – he just eats the labels.  Whatever strategy he uses the result is the same.  I have mystery parcels in my freezer. 

Last night I was feeling adventurous so I dug one parcel out.  It had lost its label.  It was something cheese topped so cauliflower cheese, lasagne or macaroni cheese were all possibilities.  Anyway I bunged it into the microwave and hey presto – cheesy potato bake!  And very nice it was too!

Lesson number three – take even more care in freezer labelling


  1. Freezer goblins - I like it! It all adds to the excitement :p I use masking tape and a sharpie which seems to behave quite well. There are times of course when I just forget and it goes in without a label....

  2. I have a goblin too. My Goblin likes to go fishing and when he comes home he climbs back into the freezer with a box of unlabled maggots for me to pull out and enjoy at a later date...

    1. You win - your goblin is even more troubelsome than mine!