Wednesday, 3 September 2014

First spending

I have a minor triumph to record - today's attempt at bread-making is delicious!  I don't know why yesterday's was a disaster.  I have been using my breadmaker for several months and the results have always (until yesterday) been wonderful.  Anyway, I now have bread.

I have, however, broken into my £30.  I spent £1 on three corn cobs.  I wanted the cash to be available for essentials and fresh food.  That corn is locally grown, within a mile of my home, and I shall enjoy them. 

I had more of the "leftovers" soup for lunch with a piece of cheese which had seen better days but was still OK.   My evening meal will be a baked potato and some Spanish chicken which was lurking in the freezer.

Tomorrow I have a guest for lunch.  I think I am going to make some green pea soup and serve with the delicious bread.  That bread won't be lasting very long.


  1. I usually make a loaf each day as its soon gobbled up by the hubby and children lol. Some days I'm lucky if I've seen it let alone eaten some.
    Homemade bread is the best.
    X x

  2. Loving the blog: just remember to treat yourself gently xx