Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A failure - but then free food

I had a rootle around in the fridge this morning and found the remains of a root of celery.  I don't know how it got left as I love celery but left it certainly got and it was on the verge of looking sad.  I sometimes make a concoction of breadcrumbs, cheese and onion bound together with an egg and cook it in the oven so I thought i would have a go at a concoction of breadcrumbs, cheese and celery bound together with an egg and cooked on the hob.  Not my best idea.  I ate some of it but can't say I enjoyed it.

This after noon I was out a few miles from home and saw someone I knew years ago.  She was cutting the grass  in the front of a pub and when I stopped she told me that for the last month she has been mine hostess.  So I went in for afternoon tea which was on the house!  And very nice it was too.

I was also given a large bag of apples while Iwas out and I've just had a query as to whether I could use a few damsons.  Oh, and someone has given me two bags of frozen rhubarb.

So overall I think the day was a success.

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