Tuesday, 2 September 2014

More leftovers

I made soup today.  It was wonderful.  I used leftover roast potatoes, parsnips, peas, runner beans and gingered carrots with a drop of stock and a glug of vegetable oil.  

I think the gingered carrots made it.  These were left over from Sunday lunch when I had fried a little crushed ginger and crushed garlic (actually quite a lot of ginger) in vegetable oil, then i added sliced carrots, honey and a good slug of dry sherry.  I put them on the lowest possible heat, covered them with a lid and left them to meditate on what it is to be a carrot.  I kept the liquor when i served the carrots and that went in the soup with the other leftovers.

Again the pan of vegetables went on a very low heat until I blitzed them.  Ye gods' it was tasty.

I was invited out for my evening meal so my £30 is still intact.

I have to report a failure though.  I put the ingredients for bread in the breadmaker today and cooked a wonderful brick.  It would make a door step.  I shall try again tomorrow.

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