Friday, 19 September 2014


Eggs.  No fridge should be without them in my humble opinion.  If you’ve got an egg you’ve got a very quick meal.  You’ve got one of the main ingredients for a cake.  You’re well on the way to pancakes.  And so on!

The trouble is that I have a habit of buying a dozen eggs and not getting around to using them.  I don’t know why really.  And being a “savvy shopper” ha ha, I always buy a dozen or however many are in the current offer which is never just half a dozen.  So they go into the fridge in case I want to have poached eggs, in case I have a desire to make a Victoria sponge.

I bought a dozen over a month ago.  I’ve used five in my once a week savoury bread and cheese pudding.  So I had seven left and they really shouldn’t be hanging around much longer.  So this morning I boiled the lot and had two for brunch and will have three in a salad this evening leaving two for tomorrow.

Those seven eggs have focussed my mind on one thing.  It is not thrifty to buy large quantities.  Yes, I need a few in the fridge but regardless of the cost per egg I need only buy six at a time unless I have a definite need in mind.  

And that lesson taught me by the humble egg is true for everything. 


  1. Thanks for being my blog's 2nd follower!

    I love eggs - they make great simple breakfasts and they really fill up the stomach just eating one or two!

    My mother buys half dozen each time as well - mostly because our fridge is really tiny (think asian household model) and can't handle that many.

  2. Now that I have found a source of free range eggs in the village I buy them as and how I need them. I bought 9 yesterday, 6 large for cooking and 3 Huge to scramble.

    1. Lucky you! I someties buy fron wayside stalls but they are usually ready boxed in at least sixes (often twelves) and as it is an honesty box there is no negotiation.