Thursday, 11 September 2014

Spending again

I love markets.  They aren't what they used to be (what is) but there is still something about a market which brings a smile to my face.

This morning I went to Brigg to the market.  I decided some time ago that I dare not go to the Farmers' Market at Brigg because that is too tempting.  Today was just the usual street market, maybe a dozen stalls.  I was fairly restrained and I bought just beetroots, potatoes and bananas, spending £2.80.  So that brings my spending total to £3.80 in eleven days.

Then I went out for lunch so with a bit of luck I won't need to eat anymore today!

I'm trying to work up the energy to defrost the freezer.  When I do that I shall make a list of the contents.  Who knows what horrors will be revealed?

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