Friday, 5 September 2014

Looking in the cupboards

A big welcome to "The Reason I save" - my first follower on this blog.  I've been trying to put a followers thingy on my sidebar but for some reason it doesn't want to know me.   One day I shall manage it!

I had another rootle through the cupboards today looking for things I may have bought in a fit of enthusiasm and then left to deteriorate on the shelf.  This time I found a large box of couscous.  Couscous must be the easiest thing to prepare but for some reason I have been buying the small "convenient" packets of flavoured couscous and not using the plain stuff which is much more economical and no more difficult to prepare.  So, for lunch I had the remainder of the beef and ale  I got out of the freezer yesterday and I served it with couscous with a few sultanas to make it more interesting.  Very nice it was too.  Tonight I'm planning the corn on the cob I bought a couple of days ago.  That's another easy dish as all it needs is a generous knob of butter.

I didn't get a grocery delivery this week.  Usually T*sco delivers on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.  I haven't missed it.  I wonder how long that will last.


  1. Just found you and enjoyed the humour, I have been to the brink of stock piling/ doomsday prepper and vowed never again. But it does help to cut spending back to the bare minimum every now and then. I will try to follow but am not a techy person and need a button.

    1. Hi Pam, I've been following you for quite a while and enjoying your blog too, especially when Ben appears. My beloved Fido had to be put to sleep last November so sharing blog dogs is very special. I like the phrase doomsday prepper - I shall be smiling at that one all day!