Thursday, 18 September 2014

A diversion

A slight diversion from the food theme today.  A friend came (don’t worry, we had bread and soup from the freezer) but when she went into the bathroom she was intrigued as to why there was a shampoo bottle balanced on top of a soap dispenser in the bathroom.    A discussion of frugality followed.

Now, I’ve never claimed to be an expert in frugality, I’m definitely Frugally Challenged.  But I’ve always bought value shampoo, decanted it into a dispenser bottle so that I can use a measured dose.  When the shampoo bottle is “empty” I balance it on the dispenser for an hour or two to get just a few more drops out and then put some water in the empty bottle so that I can get a few days extra shampoo.  I’ve always done this but my friend thought that I am a hilarious tightwad.  She did however admit that the absence of brand labels in my bathroom makes it look rather nice.

Back to the food theme.  I had a spending spree yesterday.  A multipack of coca cola (£5) and a cucumber 49p.  Yes, I know that coke isn’t frugal, but I do like it!


  1. Well I must be a tightwad too because I do this. As far as I am concerned sulphates are sulphates, I just need it to clean my hair. Conditioners I am far more fussy though. I also use value baby shampoo for handwash which I decant into a dispenser. It smells nice and doesn't leave my hands dry. Sometimes I add a few drops of tea tree oil. I bet your friend will be doing the same now.

  2. Hi there :)

    My folks and I do the same trick with getting out the last drops from bottles - i don't think it's "cheap", just a mindset of "not wasting anything".

  3. I think my friend's amazement was at my four stage "thrift". Stage 1 buying value, stage 2 using a measuring dispenser, stage 3 draining the bottles and stage 4 rinsing the bottles.