Saturday 30 January 2021

Went the month well?

 It's almost the end of January and I am very unlikely to spend again so here is my report on my no spend month.  

I've paid all my usual direct debits of course, and this is my discretionary expenditure

Carrots                43p

Parsnips                49p

Peeling knife        £6.49     (wholly paid with Amazon vouchers from surveys)

Frying pan        £32.24     (£15.20 Amazon vouchers, £17.04 cash.)

Iceberg lettuce    60p

Eggs                    £4

Magazine subscription   £5 plus Tesco vouchers

Twirl (chocolate bar)    43p

So, as far as no spend I failed, but to be honest I expected to.  £5.52 on food is miraculous, as far as I am concerned.  I had some Tesco vouchers which would soon expire so I needed to spend them.  I explained the knife and pan here. 

And the chocolate amuses me.  I get a Twirl delivered by Amazon for 43p.  If I went to Sainsbury I would need to pay my petrol and pay 70p.  I rather like inconveniencing Amazon.  


  1. TO quote Dick Emery. You are awful but I like you! Enjoy....

  2. That's so funny on the Twirl! I even know what that chocolate is as it was one we brought home with us on our trip seven years ago.

  3. That is funny about the chocolate. But, works! I think you did well.

  4. That is amazing getting something cheaper on Amazon, your comment made me smile.

  5. Enjoy, and make Amazon work.

    God bless.