Monday 4 January 2021


 No-spend January is no small undertaking but I have all sorts of assets.

The first is very well stocked stores.  January is often a very depressing month for me and I have noticed in previous years that when I get depressed I can't be bothered to cook.  There's just me and it seems like too much effort.  Just a sandwich - again! - will be OK.  This year I started to prepare for January back in November.  I stashed away some batch cooked meals and didn't allow myself to eat them.  So far I haven't touched them but I know they are there.  

Secondly it's the things I don't eat which could trip someone up.  I don't use milk but others would consider that to be an essential.  I drink my coffee black and don't drink tea.  I don't eat breakfast cereal and, at the moment, I don't need to think about visitors.  I've got UHT milk in the cupboard and I can use that for cooking.  I'm not bothered by wanting salad in January.  I make my own bread.

And thirdly the biggest asset of all - I have vegetables in the garden.   I had leeks, broccoli and carrots from the garden yesterday.  I save the fresh garden veg for a treat on Sunday and the rest of the week I can eat frozen vegetables or the carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions and parsnips I have in store.  

It may be that I will need some emergency purchases and I have to admit I have a small cheat up my sleeve.  When I do market research surveys I am usually paid in either cash (PayPal) or Amazon vouchers.  I am going to make strenuous efforts not to use the cash but the Amazon vouchers will be used if absolutely necessary.  


  1. You are so well planned! I too will be tucking away servings of meals for lunches, and when I can't be bothered to make suppers. I love that you have fresh veg in your garden. I am lucky I can walk to the store as it is less than a mile away, shorter if I can walk through the park if the kids in the neighborhood keep the path smashed down from the snow. I love the word Assets-it is such a more positive word than just saying supplies or provisions.

  2. Great planning, we all knew it was coming, we are much like you, except we don't grow veg, but we do have veg shop in village.

  3. Well done on your planning. I'm pretty sure your spending will be on target. I'm trying low spend month(s). I'm using UHT so I haven't got to go out so often.

  4. Even though you have had some large expenses, you have prepared well so you can eat well this year. A garden is a good thing as is a freezer!

  5. Covid has curtailed my spending. I am very cautious about buying online. It is too easy

  6. Excellent planning.

    God bless.