Thursday 14 March 2019

Thank you, Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall

Just over three years ago HFW presented Hugh's War on Waste, a short series of TV programmes including one which highlighted how much food is wasted by supermarkets before we even get our paws on it.  He also showed just how much food is wasted in homes and all sorts of other waste and those too had a big effect on me, even though I have always thought I was pretty good on food waste.

Getting back to the supermarket waste, HFW showed how supermarkets were being just too picky about the cosmetic standards of vegetables which they bought in, and how much good food was being discarded by supermarkets themselves.  One result of all this was that several supermarkets now sell "wonky" vegetables which I think are more fun than the Class One stuff.

Yesterday I took advantage of the cheap vegetable boxes in Lidl.  Usually I can't do that from my mobility scooter but yesterday the store was very quiet.  Just look at my box!  Isn't it beautiful!

I unpacked it and found three leeks, a bag of rocket, a bag of rocket and watercress, a cabbage, nine bananas, three pieces sweetcorn, four red onions, two satsumas, five apples, a box of mushrooms, a nectarine and a cabbage.  And the cost of this box of deliciousness?  £1.50.  ONE POUND FIFTY PENCE!  Unbelievable.  I shall need to use the sweetcorn and mushrooms very quickly but the rest is superb.

I've rewritten my menu for the week and will take time this morning to prep and use the stuff really well.  


  1. I wish our Lidl did the check out HFWs "L9ve your Leftovers " book [its bound to be in the library] Full of tasty and creative ideas. PS Can I win the prize for spotting the unmentioned avocado in your box??!!

  2. It's has now disappeared completely!

    You have to be at Lidl early to get a box. I got the last one at about nine o'clock.

  3. Great value, more stores should do this.