Friday 15 March 2019

Reducing food waste

That wonderful box of vegetables had to be sorted fairly quickly.  I decided that I had to edit my fridge as well so that I could use the vegetables in there as well.

First I chopped the leeks, added a potato and some stock and now I have a pan of leek and potato soup.  My menu re-planning meant that I had to use some calabrese so I dug my bag of bits and pieces of cheese (mainly the crust of Stilton) and now I've got some broccoli and Stilton soup.  Those corn cobs were probably the tattiest vegetables in the box so I stripped off the kernels, found a few sticks of celery and a sad looking parsnip in the fridge and I've got mixed veg soup.  That needs a bit of oomph so I'm thinking a bit of chili might not go amiss.  My soups will be frozen tomorrow.  

The mushrooms from the box were wiped and sliced and they're now in the freezer ready for my next Bolgnaise sauce or beef casserole.  Some of the bananas were for eating today but the rest have been made into banana ice lollies.  The avocado went on toast for breakfast.  One apple was eaten for pudding today.  The cabbage, the apples, the satsumas and the nectarine are all sound enough to keep for a few days.  I shall use the rocket and watercress tomorrow.

I had bought some flat mushrooms before I got the veggie box so I've stuffed those with goat's cheese, sprinkled on a few breadcrumbs made from crusts and they are in the freezer.  

While I was in Lidl I bought some Italian style chicken chipolatas which had been reduced to 70p.  I'd never had them before and I won't buy them again.  This seems to me to be a good way to look at yellow sticker (or rather Lidl equivalent) food.  I might have seen chicken sausages and thought them worth a try as they are lower fat than the pork equivalent.  I've eaten some for lunch, the rest may go in a casserole but I certainly wouldn't recommend them.


  1. Lots of good advice here Mary. I love leek and potato soup and have a good supply in my freezer. Have a great weekend. x

  2. I love how you've used everything, you are certainly a woman after my own heart.