Thursday 23 March 2023

The Box

 It's a while since I shared a Lidl "Waste Not" box with you, but today I had time to weigh things and price them so here goes.  I've priced the stuff as though I had bought it at Sainsbury because the Lidl website doesn't help much.

Swede                             0.62

Onions                            0.6

Tomatoes                       0.74

Apple                               0.6

Plum                                0.40

Satsumas                        0.73

Honeydew melon            1.69

Little gem X2                 0.85

Red onion                       0.09

Sweet peppers              1.3

Mushrooms                   1.26

Padron peppers            0.30

Chilli                                0.10

Lemon                             0.30

Aubergine                      0.85



Having bought a "Waste Not" box for the princely sum of £1.50. I consider myself to be honour-bound not to waste it.  I don't waste food anyway but for this it seems doubly important.  So when I have sorted it even more, I will let you know the destiny of everything.  For now I will say that the only worrying item was the mushrooms so they have already been wiped, sliced and frozen.