Thursday 2 February 2017

Another win

I've been comping again and I've had another win! 

Charming fellow isn't he!  He's called a Double Poppin Dino.  Drop the balls on his back or spin the roller and he makes sounds and of course balls pop out through his mouth or his tail.  

Not quite the thing for a Rather Senior Lady but just the job for the present box or for sale on eBay.  


  1. He's cute! Now, why is that not the thing for a Rather Senior Lady? Why can't the senior lady have a little harmless fun. Just be sure your drapes are drawn so nobody sees you! Yes, a lovely addition to the gift box. Good win!

  2. What a cute prize and I'm sure you'll have no problem finding a new owner for it!

  3. that is a cute toy, would make a great raffle prize or a donation at Christmas.