Thursday 3 December 2015

Enter Rudolph

Today's decoration is again hand made but this time I have made it for me!

I have always been loath to have purchased decorations on my Christmas tree.  Years ago I couldn't afford to buy them anyway but as time went on I found that I preferred the originality of my tree.  I've had origami decorations, walnuts sprayed gold, fans made from scrap fabric and scrounged edgings, wired fir cones - you name it, I've had it.  These days most of my decorations are still home made but I keep more of them from years to year.

A somewhat surprised looking Rudolph!

So here's one I made earlier!  Earlier today - but I may make some more tomorrow.  I'll bet no-one else has tree ornaments like mine - but maybe they wouldn't want them!

A very calm cow
The Advent stable continues to reveal its secrets.  This time a recumbent cow.


  1. ADORABLE! The both of them.

    Growing up our Christmas tree was always filled with meaningful ornaments, MANY of them handmade. It was always a very eclectic tree and while many people have beautiful trees filled with glamours ornaments, themed ornaments, matching ornaments and the like, I will always prefer an eclectic tree covered in random ornaments that mean something to me. I LOVE the reindeer!

  2. He is cute. You should be proud of him.

  3. I like eclectic as well. I have in ambitious years done two trees, with a second smaller being more uniform with bows, lights and blue balls, but the main is a hodgepodge of our own childhood ornaments, former student gifts, my kids projects, and a few that we purchased just because over the years.

  4. I didn't plan on such a shocked creature but that's the googly eyes that I have in my stash! He is definitely A Creature of Character.

  5. Who doesn't remember making paper chains as a child?!

  6. Home made is lovely - we even used to drape 'old man's beard' everywhere like garlands. Toilet rolls and crepe paper reigned supreme.

    We used home made decorations for years, then I went all fancy pants and had themed tree and decorations (the power of advertising!) One year I insisted absolutely everything was natural... Branches and cones etc. We got to Christmas Eve and our son - not young! - pleaded to have all the tinsel and glitter back. We ended up looking like santa's grotto.

  7. Good for your son. My kind of guy! Mind you I like natural as well but a truly tasteless and naff Christmas is right up my street.