Saturday 27 June 2015

Visiting National Trust properties on my budget holiday

I've got my accommodation for my holidays booked so now for things to do!

Cornwall is rich in National Trust properties, far richer than my own area so I plan on visiting several gardens whilst I'm on holiday.  Not only do I love visiting gardens, I love people watching, so if the weather is good I shall take a picnic and some sewing and settle on a bench in a pretty spot.  The great thing about sewing while sitting in a garden is that people often can't resist coming over to see what you are doing and having a chat.  Enhanced people watching or what!

I'm not a member of the National Trust but I am a member of the National Trust for Scotland and my membership card gets me admittance to English and Welsh National Trust properties too.  Scottish membership for me is £31.60 and to join the National Trust as well would be a further £60 so I won't be doing that.

Not joining the National Trust means I won't get a handbook but there's lots of information on the web anyway so I'm doing my research as to what is open when.


  1. People fascinate me and I love nothing more than settling in on vacation with a cup of something and watch the world. I've been trying to do more research on places even for day trips before we go somewhere. That and people watching help me feel more immersed in the experience. How long now until the trip?

  2. Mid October. The planning is a big part of the fun! I shall be away for two weeks of which ten days will be in Cornwall. I'm also going to Bournemouth/Poole to see Amy (see my Staycation posts) and I've got one or two other ideas up my sleeve.

  3. Are you going to be aywhere near Truro?

    1. Absolutely! I'm staying near Bodmin but plan on seeing quite a bit if Cornwall.