Sunday, 21 December 2014

Well, you would say that wouldn't you?

Today's thought on the frugal joys of advent is the one where you can say, "Well, you would say that wouldn't you?"  It's the pleasure of visiting a church.

I've just come back from a church where this afternoon there will be a village Carol Service which will be very well attended.  The church is decorated with a huge tree, lots of greenery and a wonderful knitted nativity scene.  It will be a rousing sing this afternoon and afterwards there will be tea, coffee, mince pies and maybe a drop of mulled wine.

Sadly an awful of of churches are locked up during the week but there are still a lot which are open for anyone who cares to open the door.  There is something wonderful about the stillness of a church when one is there alone.  My favourite one has a churchyard which has areas which have been left to go wild so there are birds singing outside.

So I commend churches for a good sing whether you are a human or whether you are a bird!

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