Thursday, 4 December 2014

Keeping an eye on Santa

I love Christmas and I love the build up to Christmas.  One of my favourite sites at this time of year is  Each day there is a new game to play, there's a cinema to watch films about Santa, a library to read about him and a music theatre to listen to (and maybe join in with) songs about Santa.

NORAD is "North American Aerospace Defense Command" so thank you very much to anyone on the west side of the North Atlantic who therefore (indirectly) funds this great free site each Christmas.  Being aerospace based NORAD is ideally placed for keeping an eye on Santa and they get well geared up for The Big Night.  They use the latest photographic techniques for taking film which can be slowed down sufficiently for Santa to be seen by ordinary human eyes.  They use satellite technology to get the vital information to us from their webcams situated high above the earth and they have an archive of his activity in previous years.  

But for the moment I'm just enjoying playing in Santa's arcade.

I'm just a big kid at heart.


  1. Oh COOL! I'm off to explore this site just as soon as I've finished blogging... Jx

  2. We love this site too, I play the Christmas tree light up game every year and will not go to bed until Santa has reached London on Christmas Eve. I get the feeling my 9 year old might be humouring me about it all :)