Friday, 19 December 2014

Visitors from the east

A small bonus from my Advent nativity stable today – here are the three kings.  I’ve put them near the scene but not actually in the stable for they are still on their journey.

For today’s pleasure is the joy of the journey – or rather the meeting at the end of a journey.  Christmas is a time at which we see more of our family and friends.  As I have said I am a little bit short on family but yesterday my nephew and his wife visited me.  They live in Belgium (which is east of me!) but at Christmas they visit so yesterday we went out for lunch.

And during the next few days leading up to and following on from Christmas I will visit various friends and I will also entertain in my own home.  No need to bring gold, frankincense or myrrh, just the pleasure of their company enriches my life.


  1. Enjoy all your Christmas socialising! Jx

  2. So glad your nephew is there -- look forward to hearing about the visit!

    1. That was the visit! His wife has four children all of whom need to be visited and my nephew's father is also to be visited. They will stay with her family for Christmas. My "family Christmas" was two and a half hours a week early but nontheless, very welcome.