Thursday, 11 December 2014


Today's frugal pleasure is actually something on which I actually spend a lot of money, and that is my home.

Running a home involves paying rent, council tax, and energy bills as well as the cost of furnishing, cleaning and beautifying it.  It takes effort to keep it looking good and feeling comfortable.  True, one can economise and make sure that the best value for money is obtained but the fact remains: running a home is one of the biggest demands on anyone's budget.

And yet, home is a lovely place to be.  I have furniture which makes me comfortable and relaxed.  The decor suits reflects my personality.  I have photographs reminding  of people and events which have given me pleasure. In my home I can follow my hobbies.  I can entertain friends.  Here I am safe, warm and comfortable.

And here I find the truth in the saying that contentment lies not in having what you want, but rather in wanting what you have.


  1. True! Our homes mean so much!

  2. I love being home, yet so many folks view it as a boring life. I completely disagree. The world has tried to make us discontent with home life, presenting shopping as a normal pastime, along with all sorts of distractions, often to the detriment of taking care of home and family needs.

    1. Homes are beautiful places. I love being in mine. Welcome to my blog.