Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Sheer glory!

I love cut flowers for the house.  I know that pot plants are more sensible but there is something about a bunch of flowers which makes me feel wonderful.

The trouble is that if I am not careful my purse suffers.  Most of the time if I buy flowers I buy alstromeria because they are not too expensive and they last well.  I also buy spray chrysanthemums, (especially white ones) for the same reason and one bunch of chrysanthemums makes several vases. 

Yesterday when I was in Tesco I saw these glorious irises – the photograph doesn’t actually do justice to their colour.  And they were in the Reduced For Quick Sale bucket – reduced from £3 to 95p.  Irresistible!  


  1. What a pretty bargain - lucky you! Jx

  2. The irises look stunning!
    I like this colour very much.

    1. Ah Poirot, I'm sure you would grow wonderful irises and would not have to resort to RFQS!

  3. They look BEAUTIFUL! There's a little tip to make flowers last longer in vase. Put a tiny drop of dish-washing detergent/soap/or even bleach to the vase together with water and it shall be able to last a little longer! I do that once every few days, not everyday though.

  4. These irises bring back memories -- my mother used to grow beautiful ones in addition to peach colored cannas. I always loved the irises best.