Monday, 22 December 2014


The stable is very full now.  Joseph has arrived and is checking that the stable will be OK for his young wife.  The visitors from the east are on their way.


  1. My goodness -- it is filling up. Last night as Bean was adding to our nativity set -- which I bought specifically for her to set up during Advent knowing full well that it was breakable -- and let it be said the shepherd bit the dust. The poor thing is in shards in a bowl now. An order has been placed for a new one because I thought the poor child was going to have a breakdown. So, in OUR world I am afraid the shepherd is going to arrive after the wisemen. I had to buy a whole new set but I think having spare parts will be a good thing.

  2. It could be that a knitted nativity is called for, especially with a second grandchild "helping". Great variation on the story though - must try writing about the shepherd who got there late.