Friday, 19 December 2014

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches

So much of what I have written about advent list has been about  pleasures that I receive that it's good to write about a pleasure which I give and that is my outdoor tree.  I'm not wildly keen on the big displays of lights in gardens and on the outside of houses but as I have said already, Caistor has quite a tradition of Christmas trees and it's a tradition I enjoy joining in. 

 One of my cousins ordered this tree for me as a birthday present way back in October and with a few LED lights it has brightened up my house.  More than any other photograph in this series this one shows my inadequacies with the camera but my little tree gives me pleasure and the many other trees in the town give me such delight that I dare to hope that this one gives some joy too.


  1. I like looking at the decorated houses but I don't like doing it myself. I like more subtle decor and I like your tree.

  2. Yes, I do agree. There was a programme on TV about Americans who decorate with thousands of bulbs, models, trees, etc. Unbelievable!!!