Monday, 1 December 2014

Frugal anticipation

1st December brings a thrill all of its own.  Today children start to count the number of sleeps to Christmas.  Today the Advent Calendars come out.

Advent really started yesterday but today I got out my own Advent “Calendar” although in my case it’s a stable.  I’ve had it for several years so I think it can now count as frugal even though originally it was a very expensive gift.  All those little cupboards, each with a figure in it, add to the build-up of pre-Christmas excitement here at Frugal Follies. 

Each year when I pack the figures away I try and make sure that the following year there will be some sort of logic in the way that it unpacks.  I don’t sneak a look into any of the cupboards until the appropriate day.  After 12th December the scene pivots and the twelve cupboards on the other side will be revealed.  By Christmas the scene will be filled but today it stands empty apart from one solitary cow.  I love it!


  1. What a beautiful advent calendar... I've never see one like it. I hope we get to see more of the nativity scene as it develops. Jx

    1. I thought I'd show it each Monday. I'm a bit of a nativity scene freak so there may be more than just the one, but that is the only one designed for Advent.

  2. I love this calendar -- it is so unusual! I look forward to some pics of it as it progresses!