Saturday, 20 December 2014

Just a thought

Well, we are now within a week of Christmas and it feels like a good time to organise my thoughts a little.

When I started this lead up to Christmas it was with no very definite idea in mind but I feel that a theme has emerged as the days have gone by and I want to run it past you.

I love Christmas and I love the razzmatazz.  There is little of the Bah Humbug about me as far as Christmas is concerned.  However, I agree with those who are worried by the commercialism of Christmas but I think that it is possible to look at the commercialism, even take advantage of it, without being seduced by it.  I know it is easy for me in that there are no children screaming “I want” and I am of an age where my friends are also not driven by the competitiveness which can surround the festive season.

Because I think that it’s the competitiveness which is ugly.  There is pressure to lay on the perfect Christmas with the right food to eat, the right gadgets as presents and the right decorations to adorn the house and it is easy to succumb to that pressure.  I want to share my delight in the small but significant things which give me pleasure at this time and in sharing them I have increased my own pleasure.  What more could a blogger ask?


  1. I've been feeling like I've let people down as two years in a row I've been unwell to work the magic as I've done in the past. I like the razzmatazz too, but am finally consigned to accepting just "raz " this year.

  2. Hi. Frugally Challenged. I am loving your blog! So much food for thought, but at a cut price knowing you. I love Pinterest and discovered this savings plan on here last month. Again you will have to put this in your browser. I am obviously not living in the US so my plan is not for Black Friday just a fab Christmas with a little less stress. See if it could work for you.x

    1. Just nipped over to your blog - I'll be back again a little later to do some catch-up reading.