Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Sometimes joy can be planned.  Sometimes it has to be – but the joy is worth the planning.  Gardens are a case in point.  A lovely garden takes planning and effort – but it also takes serendipity (I love that word!). 

I planted these cyclamen a couple of years ago.  They had been in the house but they didn’t do very well indoors, so I bunged them in this planter by the front door.  This is their third winter in the pot so again, although there was initial cost, they really have given great value for money.

Even in the summer I have enjoyed them.  I think there are about six or seven plants in there but they each have slightly different leaves.

And I hope that visitors to my house also enjoy them


  1. I like cyclamen... they seem to be remarkably durable. I'm not great with plants but they seem to be able to cope with even my 'lack of love'. Jx

  2. We have some cyclamen in the garden, and it looks so nice in winter because of its cheerful color.