Sunday, 14 December 2014

Angelic voices?

It’s such a simple pleasure I want to remember today - the joy of singing.  If there’s a carol on the radio or if I get myself organised and play a CD, I join in.  Fortunately I live in a detached house! 

But even better than being at home pretending that I have something like a singing voice is going and singing carols with others.  I have a certain prejudice here and have to say that I like singing in church best but I know that choirs, schools, bands and Uncle Tom Cobley and All give us plenty of chances to expand our lungs.

Christmas songs are wonderful.  Most of the time we don’t need to have the words printed and in front of us: we’ve known the words from childhood up.  So, be among the faithful who come while herald angels sing on an otherwise silent night in royal David's city.  And enjoy


  1. Agreed! I'm hoping I'm up for the big caroling night next Sunday at church.

  2. I agree! It's fun to sing! I have a creaky voice but if I stand by someone who has a clear voice, I can sing along! Ha!
    I hope you sing VERY loud in your house! FIll the rafters with JOY!

  3. I love singing in church as well, all the time, but the carols are the best aren't they? I had Christmas music on all yesterday afternoon and it was delightful -- goes a long way in adding to the spirit!