Saturday, 13 December 2014


Today’s pleasure is to do with Christmas itself and it’s the pleasure of Christmas trees. Caistor is one of the many churches and chapels all over the country holding Christmas tree festivals this weekend so I trundled up the hill and called in.
There were over thirty trees displayed, all of which had been sponsored by local people or businesses or groups and each of which was individually decorated.  One of my favourites was decorated by the local chimney sweep who had displayed a fine choice of entry points for Santa.

The schools and kindergartens had done their bit, usually with lovely decorations made by the children.

Charities too had decorated trees including this one by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution which has a lively fundraising group here in Caistor.


  1. Oh, these are so pretty! What a fun outing! Right now I am searching the internet for instructions on how to decorate a Christmas tree! I am 64, been married 42 years, have decorated trees since childhood and yet my tree looks like I stood there and just threw things at it! Not the lovely confection I envisioned! Sigh.

  2. I'd love to go and see many decorated Christmas trees in one location. Years ago we heard about a nearby church that was displaying over a hundred Nativity sets
    ( the congregation had brought them in) and it was magic. There were elegant ones, homemade ones, ones made of straw and if I remember rightly, one made of Lego. I keep watching the local paper so I don't miss something like that if it is around.

  3. There's a similar display in Worcester Cathedral. I rushed through it last weekend and promised myself that I'd go back for a closer look. These tree displays are so creative! Jx