Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Today's frugal pleasure can be somewhat bittersweet for it is the joy of memory.

I love to remember the Christmases I knew as a child.  Mother would have made the cake and the pudding well before December began but she still had plenty to do.  Presents had to be wrapped, cards written (and the cards we received had to be displayed), the school nativity play and carol service attended and a million and one other things to be done.  Father would fetch a Christmas tree and then put it up and help my sister and I as we decorated the house.  There were many, many secrets around and life was exciting.  And all that was before The Big Day!

Sadly both my parents and my only sister all died in (different) Decembers so it could be a very sad month but nothing can take away the pleasure of the memories I have built up over the years.  A couple of years before she died my sister visited Russia and she brought me this lovely Father Frost (Google and you'll find his story) so as I put it out on display yesterday I remembered her and the Christmases of my childhood.  And I am happy


  1. I have the same feelings about November -- lots of bad stuff has happened to my family in November. However, I choose to embrace the season of Thanksgiving, concentrate on all the good and not give the bad too much of my time! I am glad you are happy.

  2. Memories are worth more than money could ever buy. My parents may have passed away but they are certainly not forgotten.

  3. These are lovely memories... it just proves that things don't have to be complicated to the be wonderful. Jx